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What is Link Building and why it’s important?

Before I explain about the importance of link building we should be aware about link building. What is it and why online user talked to increase it? There are many website users who have a website but they don’t know about it. So here I am going to define it?

What is Link?

In our normal life we use link as relation basically meaning of link is relation but in the web world it has slight different meaning. As I mentioned that meaning of link is relation and in the term of SEO we called it relation of two webpage and this relation could be internal or external.

Basically internal link are those link which connect to our own web pages. As our home page connected to our about us, contact us, services and partners pages we can call them internal link. External links are those hyperlinks which target at any other domain.

What is Link Building?

As its name indicate link building meaning build more relation or connection.  Link Building is a process to developing more back links for your website.  There are mainly 3 method of link building which are as follows one way link building, two way (Reciprocal) and three way link building.  Article writing and submitting is an example of generating links.

Few more form of link building is known as directory submission, press release, blog commenting, forum posting, social bookmarking, blog post and many more.  As we understand well about the link and link building now we have to understand about the importance of it.

Why Link Building is Important in term of SEO?

As all we know very well that if we are in any business and as many as relation or connection we have that will definitely help to increase our business sales.  So in the term of SEO as many as back links you have it will increase link popularity of your website and Page Rank as well. This popularity will help you to be reaching on the top on the major search engines. The major search engines include Google, Yahoo and MSN.

If you are on top in search engines means you will get more visitors and more visitors mean more query which will increase your online business. If you are really serious to increase your online sales reach us at

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